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Alternative Medicines: Ailments and Treatment

It may be possible that you are visiting this website because you have a physical complaint like intestinal problems, tiredness, allergies, a headache, heart palpitations, lower back pain, sleeping problems, dizzyness, nervousness, painful joints, aching muscles,skin problems. Or you could be suffering from burn-out, being overweight, feeling depressed, having problems with concentrating or feeling totally exhausted and worn out.

The treatment is based on the fact that the whole system must be in complete balance in order to function properly. There can be any number of reasons why something goes wrong with your body. It could be because of something that's coming from the inside out , perhaps something genetic, or because of some external influence like a prolongued time of being under extreme stress, or an infection or from an accident.

Because it is possible to test the influence of medication on the organs as a whole, it is possible to assemble the various elements that combined together make up the treatment. These all consist of body-friendly substances like food supplements, homeopathic remedies and fytho (plant based) remedies.

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When all the different medicines are assembled, they are tested on all the organ points in order to be absolutely sure that everything is in balance. For instance a thorough cleansing of the organs and tissues can only be done if, at the same time, it is certain that the toxins can be removed through the proper channels. By the same token, a supplement of calcium will only work if the cells recognise and absorb the mineral.

For instance in the case of a B12 deficiency, it is not only necessary to give the supplement, but it is also imperative to find the reason why the deficiency has occured. In the case of an amalgam filling or another substance that breaks down the B12 or prohibits its absorbtion, it is crucial to first eliminate these substances safely from the body, otherwise instead of solving the problem, more will be created.

Besides the testing it is of course necessary to get an idea of your eating / sleeping / living patterns. Therefore before starting any treatment, you will be given a questionnaire to fill out. During the treatment, an assesment is made as to whether you could benefit from additional advice and / or food guidelines.

Scar Tissue and Neural Therapy

It is possible to have a disfunctioning of organs through the forming of scar tissue. For instance the scar left after the removal of throat- and nose tonsilla (tonsillectomy) can cause a malfunctioning of the thyroid gland. With the help of Neural therapy, the treatment of scar tissue with Lidocaine, the normal function can be restored.