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Alternative Veterinary Medical Treatment for Animals

By means of "substitute testing", it is also possible to diagnose and treat animals through electro-acupuncture. This is a non-invasive and non-imposing way of testing and treatment for the animal, by using the owner / caretaker of the animal as an "intermediary".

It is by way of comparison the same as touching an electric fence, if you touch a friend while touching the fence you are the "conducting factor"and your poor friend gets the shock and you don't.

The testing equipment always shows the results of the last person / animal in the chain.

Small animals are treated at the practice. Through years of practice, there is an extensive knowledge of the treatment of horses and donkeys, which are treated and tested in their own environment / stables.

Since the beginning of 2006, the practice has been treating the orphaned elephants at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya.

The elephants are mainly tested by using test samples of urine and saliva which are sent asap by courier and airplane from Nairobi to the practice in Amsterdam. We use the method of "substitute" testing to get the results from these swabs and the treatment is based on these results.

Immediately after the testing, the results and medication list are sent by email to Daphne Sheldrick in Nairobi. All the necessary medication is already in stock, so that the medication can be started or adjusted that same day.

This method has made it possible to treat the elephants from half way across the world.