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What is electro acupuncture?

Electro-acupuncture is a new way of making a diagnosis by which the reaction of the body is registered digitally by the apparatus. This makes not only a diagnosis possible but also the treatment, for instance supplements for deficiencies, localising interference areas like scar tissue and possible allergies.

Diagnostics through electro-acupuncture was developped by Dr. Reinhold Voll in 1953. He was a general practitioner / acupuncturist but not quite satisfied with the somewhat mystical backround of the traditional Chinese Method.

He searched for a more practical way to apply the ancient knowledge in combination with traditional western medicine and founded electro-acupuncture - a perfect synthesis of the two.

In classic acupuncture, the assumption is that health is the result of an energetic balance. This energy, or in other words the electrical activity of each organ separately can be influenced at the location of the acupuncture points on the skin. Voll developed a method to accurately measure this electrical activity with the help of especially designed equipment.

It is very much like the principle of an ECG or EEG where the electric activity of the heart and the brain is measured. The resistance of the electrical current is measured at the acupuncture point which in turn correlates directely to its matching organ.

With this method, according to Voll, it is clear that the resistance of the acupuncture point is the measure of energy in a particular organ and an indication of its ability to function. This method makes it possible to measure and register the condition and function of the organs through the acupuncture points.

The overall functioning of a person or animal can be mapped out in this way and the root of the cause can be located. Selectively influencing acupuncture points seems possible, whereby one is able to "balance" the energy of a particular organ. The system that was developped on the basis of these findings was called "Electro Acupuncture according to Voll" - the EAV.

Students of Dr Voll later developed a method to test the affect that medicines have on the body, for instance homeopathic remedies and food supplements.

The EAV has not only become a means of diagnosis, but one can at the same time assess the necessary medication and even the dosage. Acupuncture points react directly (energetically) to each form of therapy. Any medicine that is brought into the resistance testing influences the test, in other words: it is possible to test which medication you need to get well again.