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Wildlife Orphanage in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

Suni-Ridge Org. ZA has made available a section of their reserve in order to set up a provisional Wildlife Orphanage.

The area is not big enough to set up the final version, but this way it will be possible to start as soon as possible in a part of Africa where there are no provisions at all for the rescue of small orphaned animals.

And this in a part of Africa where the once so majestic wild roaming elephants, rhino, leopard, cheetah etc can now only be seen in limited numbers in protected reserves.

Read more about the commitment and ideas of Suni-Ridge org at www.suni-ridge.org.za

Proposed wildlife orphanage at Suni-Ridge Sand Forest Park

The plan is to slowly but surely buy more land adjacent to the already existing small reserve in order to make this available to the conservation of nature and the wildlife that belongs there.
This will be the place where the final version of the SUNI-RIDGE WILDLIFE ORPHANAGE will be built.

It will be a great source of work and therefore income for the local inhabitants because they will be needed in all sorts of jobs like, keepers, guards, instructors, cooks, etc. At the same time a lot of attention will be given to educating the local communities to the necessity of conservation by giving instruction at schools, teaching courses, and training youngsters to become animal caretakers.

Naturally, tourists would have limited access to the grounds so that everybody can come and see how we work and take care of the small orphans and help them on their way back into the wild when the time comes.

The idea is to start with minimal provisions that can all be relocated in time to the definite site, so it will be possible to open the doors to the orphanage as soon as possible.

Your help and commitment is necessary to make it all happen. Soon a website and bank account will be opened in the Netherlands, with information about how to donate your so-desparately-needed money.

To give you an idea what is needed at this moment we have made a list of the minimal requirements to start up the orphanage:

-5 large stables
-5 medium sized stables
-5 small stables
-wire cages / transport crates
-living accomodation + office space / storage spaces for: food, milk powder, meds / kitchen to prepare food and meds in
-living accomodation for 2/3 keepers
-1 truck
-4x4 vehicle
-wages for 2/3 keepers incl. meals
-work clothes
-building a stockade around the compound to keep the animals safe and prevent them from wandering of. This way they can move around freely under the supervision of the keepers.
We would need 2 - 3 bomas where they could be quiet and undisturbed.
- Administration costs
-computer with internet connection
-veterinary costs
-rental cost of rescue plane
-cost of a rescue team
-maintenance cars/buildings/etc. diesel etc

More information will follow soon, please register your email adress to keep up to date with new developments.